Divination Tea

35 USD

This tea was blended by Sun Song and Spirit House Collective as a tool to connect with your guides, higher self, intuition, psychic abilities, etc.  It can be used for daily spiritual practice or for special occasion ceremonies.  It is also wonderful for creative work and opens a direct channel to divine inspiration.  

Divination Tea contains power, perception and connection to our ancestors and light beings.  It holds the gifts of the moon, holds hands with angels and spirits of the past.  Divination means being seen and heard in multiple dimensions throughout time. It is the pin prick of light within the darkness, contained chaos within the center of one’s Third Eye.  

Ingredients-- Cacao, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Clove, Cornflower, Chaga, Blue Lotus, Blue Vervain, Sinicuichi, Cayenne, Coconut Sugar

Steep for 15 mins and enjoy like an herbal hot cocoa.  Add honey or milk to enhance sweetness.