Spirit House Manifestation Tea

35 USD

This tea was blended by Sun Song and Spirit House Collective as a tool for manifestation rituals, intention setting, and aligning your mind, body and spirit with your true desires.  

Our Spirit House Manifestation Tea will unwrap the gift of the soul, transport you to your higher self and provide exceptional focus towards your dreams.  Pour yourself a cup and imagine riding on the chariot of destiny, catapulting you towards your goals and inner calling.  Drink the tea to connect with the personal truth that lies only in your heart.  

Ingredients-- Licorice, Shatavari, Ginger, Butterfly Pea, Lemon Balm, Cardamon, Anise Seed.  

Steep for 15 mins or infuse overnight for extra potency. Add a splash of lemon to change the tea's color from blue to purple!